... Douala/ Sangmelima

FRANCOIS ESSINDI is an actor, dancer, storyteller and musician from Cameroon. A
leading percussionist in his native country, Essindi
is renowned for his powerful onstage energy crafted
with his delicate phrasing and touch. Essindi is the
recourse that cannot be ignored for the new wave
of local artists and singers in Cameroon who are
compelled to reuse the Tam-tam call, the Mvet and
the Snail shell that had been banned from popular
Cameroonian music. Today based in Paris, Essindi
refines the art of the traditional harp from central
Africa, the Ngomo from Cameroon as well as the Mvet, another endangered string
A storyteller from the Bulu world, François Essindi is a creative in the truest sense,
who never stops exploring and studying traditional ways of writing alongside
developing new ways to touch an audience with the magic of African rhythms.

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