Claudia Benassi Faltys

More than 15 years in digital marketing and marketing strategy.
Successfully participated to the launching and developping of Sosoftware, an innovative company in the mobile software industry -from scratch to more than 150 business partners in more than 25 countries currently. I'm member of the Board.
Rolled out strategies and tools for Sosoftware:
- brand creation, corporate identity
- brand awareness strategies through: social media, international events, international awards, SEM, business partners events in Europe
- lead acquisition strategies: SEO, SEM, webinars, e-mailing, sales collaterals (PPT, drafts, ROI calculators, displays, website, testimonials, video, contests, specials, ...)
- positioning
- business partners network development
- business plan & business model

My activities include:
- strategical and operational marketing support for Sosoftware
-teaching and advising e-marketing to tourism professionals, backed by a blog and Facebook Page's creation and maintenance in the tourism2.0 sector.
- consulting, teaching, coaching companies and individuals in digital marketing strategies and outcomes, with an integrated vision. I help bridge new technologies to marketing, communication needs and strategies. New technologies impact deeply all marketing fields: product (QR codes, Augmented Reality, consumers feed-backs, ..), distribution (online, viral, affiliate, ..), price (dynamic pricing, ..), promotion (SEO, SEM, social media, e-mail marketing, video, mobile, geo-localisation, ..), plus customer care. All this impacts in turn the data, analytics, controlling part.
- trends monitoring
I you need assistance in any of these fields, I would be glad to help you. Contact me at cloben at gmail dot com.

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