Stéphanie Gétaz

2000 Neuchâtel

Born in 1987 in the canton of Valais (Switzerland), bilingual in French and English, I grew up later on in the canton of Neuchatel. Curious and multipurpose, I was interested in various cultural domains. My artistic and linguistic penchant was especially revealed in High school. Later I was going to become a teacher in Primary school.

But that way was not destined to me at that moment. I then went in a totally different orientation. I went to an artistic High school for a year before taking up an accelerated education in graphic designing in Lausanne.

There again, facing the economic situation and noticing that I was unable to find a work placement, I put an end to my studies. I worked after that for a few years in various branches before trying to create my own freelance business. Quite frankly it was not a success. A few months later, the company stroke out.

I touched the bottom, my family tried to give me their support the best way they could. When I recovered my moral, I realized that I had to leave my family and friends to rebuild myself. That is how I arrived in the beginning of September 2012 in a hostel.

The next six months that followed changed my life from a to z: first by meeting David, an exceptional man to me, then by meeting all the residents. By having gathered our strong points and our competences, some of us were brought closer together. That is to say, sometimes the greatest creations reveal themselves in unexpected places.

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